The production was established in 1999. In 2011, "Aesculap" LLC was reorganized, dividing into two separate companies according to the types of activity: production and wholesale/retail. Currently, the product list of "ESKO-PHARM" company includes almost 60 types of non-sterile products: creams and ointments, liquids, spirits, oils, powders, skin care products, etc. "ESCO-PHARM" brand products are in great demand in the Armenian market. Now some products are also registered in the markets of the Russian Federation, Georgia and Uzbekistan. The company has more than 87 trained employees, most of whom are young professionals. Professional development courses and job evaluation are constantly implemented in the company, which makes it possible to have a modern, professional and knowledgeable staff. "ESCO-PHARM" company has a stable position among Armenian pharmaceutical companies. Aiming to present quality, safe and affordable medicines to the population, the company uses not only imported from European countries, but also local high-quality raw materials in the production of medicines.


Esco Pharm received GMP certification again in 2019. Here is another high evaluation of our activity, the GMP certificate of Proper Manufacturing Activity of the RA Ministry of Health, which documents the manufacturers compliance with the rules of proper manufacturing activity established by the RA Government Resolution 1603-N of November 25, 2010. This certification is the highest standard of drug production in Europe, which allows local manufacturers to confidently export their products to a number of countries around the world.