ESCO-PHARM LLC was founded in 1999.
Currently, the production list of ESCO-PHARM LLC includes almost 100 items of non-sterile products - ointments, liquids, tinctures, oils, powders, skin care products and more.
Products under the “ESCO-PHARM” brand are in great demand in the Armenian market. Currently, the products are registered in the markets of the EAC, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Indonesia. The company also engages in contract manufacturing.
The company employs about 28 qualified specialists, most of whom are young personnel, and more than 90 workers.
In 2018, ESCO-PHARM LLC received a GMP certificate. In addition to the GMP certificate, the company has a certificate of compliance with ISO-9001:2015 (requirements for the quality management system in relation to the development, production, storage and sale of non-sterile drugs: liquid dosage forms for local and external use) and ISO-13485:2016 (requirements for the management system quality in relation to the development, production, storage and sale of medical products).
With the goal of providing the population with high-quality, safe, affordable medicines, the company in the production of medicines uses not only imported from European countries, but also local high-quality raw materials. The local raw materials used in production are mainly medicinal herbs, from which alcohol, water and oil extracts are obtained.
The ESCO-PHARM company has its stable place among other Armenian companies producing medicines.


Esco Pharm received GMP certification again in 2019. Here is another high evaluation of our activity, the GMP certificate of Proper Manufacturing Activity of the RA Ministry of Health, which documents the manufacturers compliance with the rules of proper manufacturing activity established by the RA Government Resolution 1603-N of November 25, 2010. This certification is the highest standard of drug production in Europe, which allows local manufacturers to confidently export their products to a number of countries around the world.